A couple of years back, only rich people could afford to play the roulette game in a casino. Not everyone had enough money to place bets in the game. With the advent of the Internet, all the boundaries have disappeared. Nowadays, you can play this casino game from the comfort of your home, and it is not even necessary to invest money from your pocket.

Luxury Casino proves this point and even offers you free credits that you can bet with. What is special about playing online roulette at Luxury Casino? Why should you select this online platform as your gambling venue? There are a couple of reasons for you to give preference to Luxury Casino:

  • The casino automatically doubles the first deposit you make;
  • The casino uses top-quality gaming software;
  • You can select from different variations of your favorite game;
  • You can be 100% sure about a fair game since RNG technology is used in all the games;
  • You can play your favorite roulette online New Zealand game right from your mobile.

On top of this, the casino has made it possible for all to select from different types of roulette. Thus, you can make bets at European roulette, try to beat a dealer at American roulette, or even explore the new rules at French roulette.


Villento Casino uses Microgaming software as its main engine, which says a lot about the game quality and assortment it offers. Although the main focus of the gaming provider is on slot machines, the company still pays special attention to always popular table games, online roulette in particular. The high professionalism of the game manufacturer is easy to notice due to:

  • Realistic game flow;
  • Easy game controls;
  • Multiple controls so that a player could adjust the game;
  • Realistic sound and visuals;
  • Game compatibility with all the devices regardless of their OS;
  • Absolute immersion of a player into the gaming process.

Apart from all the above features that Microgaming has made part of the game, Villento Casino also adds some extra “bonuses” for players to enjoy. First of all, you will be never limited to a single online roulette game at the casino. They have so many game varieties for you. Take your pick with no limits. What can be better than that? Actually, there is still something that will make you stay with Villento Casino forever. The casino welcomes all new players with a $1000 starting bonus that you can use in any game of your liking, be it American roulette, European roulette, or its French version.

Would you like to give live dealer roulette a try? Want to explore the features of Sapphire roulette? Then you will have a lot to do at Villento Casino.


Casino Classic has a one-of-the-kind online gambling galaxy that has just everything you need for a safe, thrilling, and winning game. The casino has a flawless reputation on the market and boasts of a huge customer base from all over the world. What has allowed the company to win such huge popularity? And why is it a worthy place to play the online roulette game?

  • The casino uses licensed gaming software;
  • Casino Classic offers some of the best online roulette gaming products;
  • Upon signup, you get a 100% bonus up to $200. You can also activate 40 free spins by making a deposit of $1;
  • The RNG is part of all the games their offer;
  • The casino administration regularly adds newly released gaming products to their library;
  • 100% anonymity and data safety are guaranteed at the casino.

Want to get additional bonus money from the casino? Then you should definitely check the match bonus they offer on every second deposit a player makes. The best thing about this special offer is that the Casino Classic doesn’t limit it to a particular game. Thus, you are free to use these credits in any game of your liking. So even if you get bored playing American roulette at some point in time, you are free to pick any other game variation or switch to an absolutely different game and use bonus chips for bets.


How To Play Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the key elements of any casino, be it an online or a land-based gambling establishment. The game doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills from a player; that is why everyone should try to play it. The roulette game can turn a simple casino visitor into a millionaire in a couple of minutes, and the outcome has nothing to do with your gambling experience or skills you possess. The luck of the player is the determining factor.

Apart from easy game rules, there are some other good things about the roulette game – it is available in different variations, which allows you to do the switch if you need it. In addition, online roulette developers added additional parameters and diversified the game process. So do not be surprised to see online roulette with crazy bonuses, multiple wheels, etc.

Features of Online Roulette

The online version of roulette is identical to the real one. At first glance, the game process may seem extremely simple. A player has only to make a bet and wait for the ball to land on a particular dice sector. But experienced players know that there is a special mechanism for playing roulette, which is based on probability theory. The whole game is a series of events that have no connection with each other. For example, by betting on one of the colors in roulette without zeros, the chance for a casino visitor to win is equal to one by two. This point should be considered when developing strategies that can lead to victory.

Betting Approach

A competent approach to betting at online roulette will significantly boost your win rate. So, a marginal bet gives a player a greater probability of winning, but you shouldn’t count on a massive win here. A player who bets on a certain number is less likely to win, but his win will bring him more money compared to a marginal bet. Some players place bets on combinations of numbers, groups of several numbers, which can also bring real-money wins. If you lack experience in playing online roulette, we recommend that you pick a casino with great bonuses that you can use in the game. Use free chips to explore game features.

The Opportunity to Beat the Casino

It is in roulette that the advantage of a casino over a player is minimal. Experienced online players know that their winning odds are at the top rate when it comes to online roulette. There are a huge number of variations for bets, allowing players to beat the casino and receive significant income with fewer efforts from their side. Due to the wide variety of possible combinations of bets, casinos are not able to control the game process at 100%, which allows lucky gamblers to end the session with a solid profit.

Online Casinos offer different varieties of the online roulette game, with French, American, and European variations being the top popular options. Although there is a slight difference between different types of a roulette game, it will not be a problem for a new player to explore them.

The game rules are simple and easy to remember, especially if you immediately go to the practical side of the business and try to play the game. The player’s task is to guess the number or color of the section where the ball lands. Although some seasoned gamblers say that you won’t go far without a mathematical approach to the game, many players do not apply any strategies at all. They simply enjoy the game, relying only on their intuition and luck.

Want to make a bet in online roulette? Then pick any casino from our top three list and enjoy the game at maximum with massive bonuses, advanced game features, and smooth game flow.